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The more suicidal people there are the less suicidal people there are

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gonna kill myself because of these. thx for cheering me up though peace

Suicide is not funny. I got it though.

this website is for dark jokes so if your offended than why are you here

🤣🤣🤣🤣omg made me laugh so much thank you!!!!

Shower thoughts with Anon...

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

Smart thinking

oh sh*t

Good joke


Love how some people get offended by suicide and rape jokes on here when they're the ones who came here for dark humor

the sad thing is that its true

That's technically true but sad.


i love how dislikes are there like when yall wanted sum jokes y get offended by it


so rought but good at the same time...

Can i like find a hot dude who has depression and wants to die as much as i do, and so we can cry and be sad and depressed together...and actually think im not ugly pls....

How 'bout you just find someone who isn't hot.

i dont understand

yall in these comments are dead ass mad when they typed in dark humor jokes about depression lmao

@Brit ew emo

Suicide is not a joke.

By the way some people that came for for jokes may not have known they were dark.

OK, so let me say something. I have been suicidal more then once and I'm not offended by this. Its just a joke. No one here will actually laugh at a suicidal person. Don't like it? Well in big bold letters at the top of each page it say MORBID JOKES. If you can't read that then how are you reading these jokes? And to all the suicidal peeps out there, don't give up hope. Its tough, but you'll get through it eventually.



I have like rlly bad depression but like looking at these makes me not feel alone and its not offensive....sooooo ;-;

wait... holy wow my whole life has been a lie.

im in school rn so why am i on this lmaooo

yo. 🤣

Oh this works a bit like cheese and holes: More cheese means more holes, but more holes mean less cheese. So more cheese means less cheese.

How true

you make total sense saying that.



Are we all suicidal here 🧑🏿‍🦲

You should go read the orphan jokes

I don't get it. but after reading it a thousand times, i think i get it now


This is funnier than the time one of my students commited suicide.

we’re doing a therapists job for them

I have a really dark humor because i really laughed at this 💀

makes sense

Oh great heavens

dark jokes are dark jokes

The tree I hit is stronger than family

im suicidal. many failed attempts. this cracked me the fuck up.

"Sad but true" Metallica

I should go to hell for saying that