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A family of 3, a dad, a mom, and a 12 year old son are driving in the car when the dad says, “How about we play a little game of two truths and a lie. It’ll be fun.” “Ok,” the mom and son reply happily. “Let me start,” says the son. “Ok, go ahead,” replies the mom. “I hate video games, I hate school, and I love junk food,” says the son. “Ooh ooh! You do love junk food, you do hate school, and you don’t hate video games.” Says the mom. “Your right!” He replies. “I’ll go next,” says the dad. I love your mom, you’re adopted, and my dad almost died in WWII.” “Hmm… Your dad did not almost die in WWII, obviously I’m not adopted, and you do love my mom.” Says the son. “The lie isn’t that your adopted.” Says the dad.

Trump says to Obama “you know it’s the White House not the black house right?” And Obama says “yeah but it isn’t the orange house either.

A war isn’t about who is right, it’s about who is left!

Stephen hawking isn’t dead he’s just can’t walk to the shop and get new batteries 🙄

What’s the difference between women and condoms ?

There isn’t a difference they’re both throw aways.

I need to get new shoes one of these isn’t right

Stephen Hawking isn’t dead, he’s just using VPN.

Steven Hawking said god isn’t real and the Priest put a Boot on his tire 😂😂😂

Digging stuff up is too hard

Guess Necrophilia isn’t for everybody

You’ll parsley be-leaf how many puns I have. Hopefully your funny-bone isn’t broken because these are real rib-ticklers.