Anonymes poop

when i post this and you see it yell poopat the top of your lungs (dont worry you wont get in truble)(:


lets make this post have tones of comments


Just found this I don’t understand it tho: Jake and shaylie are the same person read the thread

ywnbaw 41%

ywnbaw 41%

Transgender sound effect

great even more pedos and people who never seen women so it must be fake so sad


You know you’re fucked… when a penis enters your vagina!

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The fuck I put a message in community and it disappeared was it banned or something

Lovely perv

For those of you that don’t know Christianity is just a Jewish cult that has no historical or religious depth rather than hey this dude is a zombie for example Jesus was crusified because he claimed to be king of Jews so really if your Cranston you should just switch to Jewish because that’s basically what you belive in but more accurate better yet just be non religious like me

Lovely perv

I’m trying to start a servay if your Cristian and don’t know why Jesus was crusified say 1 in the chat if your cristian and do know why he was crusified put 2 if your not cristian like me don’t use this chat



Edp is a pedo WTF