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hi see you after school

good morning hows it going guys

How's everyone doing? :D

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someone's lost dad

hey tiyanna i saw one of your comments that you wanted to date someone i am down if you want to?

HIYA ALL! MY USERNAME IS LUAISY4EVA! BUT U GUYS CAN CALL ME LUAISY! Btw I'm a girl The reason why I have a nintendo high profile pic is because it was cute so I chose it

Mickey and Minnie are getting a divorce. The divorce lawyer says to Mickey: "Mickey, you can't divorce Minnie because she is crazy" to which Mickey responds: "I'm not divorcing her because she's crazy, i'm divorcing her because she's f**king Goofy.


Zephyar don’t love shayshay

Amazing things we have in Australia-






(My absolute FAVOURITE) Tim Tams!!!


Cadbury chocloates,

Meat pie,





(This show was MADE in Australia, but is a world wide show,) BLUEY!

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To all of the people that don't believe that SHAYLIE LOL is dead: It is bull shit that you boys,girls ,women and grown ass men are saying shit like oh she faked her death oh she just wants attention well gess what your wrong I was at the hospital the day of her death and yah we fought alot but as some say,but her death made me think about how I treated her and you people are going to harass sombody who looks like her cousin its bull shit and it better fucking stop I want all of you to think about what you said what if it was your family member that died and people did the same shit to you people just think how it would make you feel.

hello ppl