Chewy Jokes

Little Johnny and his teacher were telling each other jokes and riddles, His teacher asked "Three birds where sitting on a wire, a hunter shot one. How many are left?" Little Johnny replied "None, because the sound would scare the other two away." His teacher said "No, but I like the way you think!" Little Johnny replied, "Alright, now I have one for you. What goes in dry and hard and comes out soft and hard?" His teacher was shocked and said "Little Johnny!" He replied "It's gum! But I like the way you think!"

Why did the loo 🚽 roll roll down the stairs - to get to the bottom What do you call a bear with no teeth - a gummy bear!!!!!!

My diet consists of Blood Pudding, I love it and have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, my secret ingredient though?

It consists of the blood and insides of my victims, it’s a bit chunky sometimes, some bits chewy, some bits hard

But it’s a hearty meal