Vegan teacher

Vegan Teacher Jokes

Timmy Turner- I wish the Vegan Teacher was a cheeseburger

Wanda- Ok Timmy

Timmy- Cosmo bring her to me

Cosmo- here you go Timmy

*Timmy eats Miss Kadie

Mrs Kadie- I just heard about a FGTEEV video about vegan nuggets. Duddy- sup FGTEEVERS me and James Marsden just got some Chick-filla. Viewers- Got ya again Mrs Kadie . Mrs Kadie- Vincent and James I am going to push you off your roof Duddy and James- AHHHHHHH

Miss Kadie- I heard that the Westburow Baptist church is having a party for kicking out 99999 gay people. Pastor- welcome to the gay matters church. Miss Kadie- stop that you know that god hates gay people Me- stop that vegan teacher. Pastor- you deserve to die - I attack

Ms Katie- I heard about a Vegan baby Mom- here’s your Happy meal Ms Katie- that’s not vegan did you trick me Kids- Yeah Ms Katie- that’s it little baby Jimmy I’m give you shaking baby syndrome

Mom- Please don’t hurt my son *Ms Katie shakes Jimmy Mom- I’m secretly a cop and your arested

Mrs. Kadie- I heard about this Mr. Beast Video about Veggie Burgers. I hope that you didn't trick me again Mr., Beast- Today we're gonna be eating a Hot tender Burger Mrs. Kadie- OMG he didn't say vegan Viewers- HAHAHA WE TRICKED YOU Mrs. Kadie- That's it Mr. Beast we're gonna pour Blood on your face Mr. Beast& Chandler- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!1!

In the cute fantasies: Est-ce que tu manges du poulet ? Attendez une seconde, VOTRE PROFESSEUR VEGAN !!!!! In reality: Are you eating chicken? Wait a second, YOUR THE VEGAN TEACHER!!!

Vegan teacher the musical Miss Kadie - oh no you poor dead animal Mr. Beast- 🎶 your a dumb Communist Miss Kadie🎶 Chandler-🎵 yup your one high fluting son of a gun🎵 Mr. Beast- 🎵 I just gobbled up a quadruple patty from my restaurant🎵 Miss Kadie - 🎵 don’t hurt animals kids, do you want to be a vegans R us kid🎵 kids- 🎵 we’ve had enough of your problems miss Kadie your such a commie Miss Kadie - 🎵 I just want to die because I’m so sad - Miss Kadie jumps off Mr. Beast Burger and comits sucide