in Depression

Lemme just say one thing:

Depression is not funny. 2 of my best friends have it and its actually quite hard to watch them suffer with it. They cry all the time, they get upset all the time, they either have wanted to or still do want to kill themselves. Its really not funny to joke about depression.

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Am I one of those people?


Not sure about u, but it does seem kinda obvious that you could have it. You've been so stressed lately, everythings becoming too much for you. I can tell that you could actually be depressed.

*Me forgetting that other people can see this website*

Whoops...... talk on outlook? 😶

Also, Stfu means... Shut the fuck up ;-;

Depression is actually pretty funny when you have it

No its not. It really isn't.

Depressions awful, something nobody should be put thru

Scan their wrists with a bar code scanner

I have depression too lighten up oh my god

No. My best friends suffer from it, so no. I won't "Losen up".

I bet they don't have it

They do. Period.


Honestly mate, thats just immature. Grow up.


I gave depreisson its not fun, but the jokes help me through it

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aye bro great story but the jokes are still funny

Not the point.

I don't give a flying fuck.

I absolutely agree but the jokes help people so yes (but yea, depression itself is not funny)

You don't give a flying fuck? Then you're fuck can fly it's self out the fucking door and leave Hailey only x

Oh my lord Caitlyn-

*Scorpio side of you kicks in*

Sorry, but no one can talk to you like that!

Ye, I guess ur right, as usual xD