in Rape

These people who are offended by rape jokes don’t even understand humour, they think of humour as like a happy thing because humour makes us laugh and laughter makes us happy, but most of the jokes that we laugh at are filled with pain and suffering, if I take a joke like , how many police officers does it take to change a light bulb, none they just beat the room for being black, now that joke isn’t make light of the fact that people have marched in the civil rights movement and people have been racial discriminated against, it’s not making light of those, what it’s doing is it’s taking that pain and suffering and making you transcend it for a moment, and showing the absurdity of the human mind and that is important, humour at its best takes the bad thing in this world that are painful and hard to deal with and makes it something funny

And before you go in the comments and say i agree with rape, I don’t, I hope everybody who rapes someone to have there dick cut of, my little sister got fucking raped when she was six, and the guy is lucky he got caught by the police and not me cause if I caught I would have fucking killed him, so I don’t agree with rape, but I still think rape jokes should still not be taken so seriously!

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I don’t prefer the term rape as long as you know the person it’s just sex

Also rape jokes help to dedramatize it. Let's say I was being bullied in school, if I make a comedy skit out of it, it's going to help me to live it better y'know, same with rape or other horrible events.

I mean your not wrong Mark.

I don't get it.

Anonymous, rape jokes help heal the pain of rape. It sounds funny, but even I don't agree with the rape. But I still find jokes funny, I mean, as long as they don't talk about the woman who deserves it or gives a sexier answer or says she deserves to be raped or a whore like she was asking for, then to be largely in I'm not. agree with that joke. As long as I'm the person who rapes and not the person who gets a rape joke, then I'm fine.

you stole that joke from amazing atheist hahaha

Your sister deserved Mark. I got me lusting and jerking off to a young girl getting fucked.

It's not up to you how they're taken. There's nothing wrong with it if no one is offended, but people that are offended have every right to be without being ridiculed for it. You don't have to agree with it but not everyone copes with it the same nor does your line of thinking apply to everyone. So I don't see what the point of justifying it is when the real solution is simply respecting those that around you that don't want to hear it.

You that mad you had to write a big paragraph?

If easily offended people have the right to complain about their little feelings being hurt then people with a sense of humor have the right to ridicule them.

I mean, I’m a little offended. I feel like jokes shouldn’t make light of stuff like taking advantage of another person. Before you guys “ridicule me for being offended,” I was sexually assaulted when I was 16 by my ex. Please be a little more respectful and considerate.

nothing is off limits when its a joke...reason...its a joke !!

pogeybait, Im truly sorry what happened to you, just see a rape joke and dont read it would be my suggestion

my boi spoke the artificial language!

Rape jokes provokes many rapists. Rape jokes are not jokes !!!

shut up snowflake