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Damit- I was gunna say that- but- I don't have a meaning :'>

Stop telling me the truth dammit!!!!

im a joke with no meaning

Welp looks like I’m bad at jokes then *bang*

is this a website for depression?

and cuz jokes make people happy

damb hits hard i got no meaning at all :(

I don't have meaning im always their 2 choice. :(

Brooooooo LOL but sadly true

ha im just here to die

thats just wrong

Every person’s life has meaning. You just need to have faith!

IKR. (to the joke, not the previous comment)

And jokes are good

-At lest the jokes have more meaning than my life 😐😐

what's the meaning of existence

thats just harsh

I'm here laughing my arse off

that hit hard anon

Well then... I'm bad at jokes and living.

calwan is emo and depressed someone help him he wants a girlfriend

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