in Priest

A priest is drowning in a river... A boat comes along and asks to help him. He says "leave me alone, god will save me." The next day another boat came along and asked to help him. Again he said "leave me alone, god will save me. " The next day the last boat came and asked to help him. Once again he told the boat that god will save him. The next day he died. He went to heaven and asked god "why didn't you save me. " God said "I sent you three f*****ing boats and you didn't take them! "

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Wow best joke I've ever heard no sarcacsm

My dad told me a story like that one before.

i never knew god said cuss words

He's perfect he never cusses.

Good story but why cuss words

hmm It's kinda philosophical

That’s a long time to drown damn