Alsender Miller
in Depression

“Boom, quick; you have five seconds to give me three reasons to live.” “1…2…3 ……4…5…” Did you noticed you said nothing at all?

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reason 1: having a life is fun and you will have friends reason 2: if you have a life you would be happy reason 3: the only thing that will cure you of depression is love but you can't get that when you're dead

be happy while you live :)

wow thats good

Well, I don't got friends. Not all people are happy with life. And half the people in this world don't get a happy ending.

1. Some of the voices dont bite 2. To kill my abuser 3. To commit fraud since i know the bank numbers for the family savings

im going to use this joke in class, wish me luck

1.) I wanna die 2.) I wanna die 3.) I wanna die

haha i didn't say anything because i don't have any reasons:)

shit. i need more than 5 seconds. um... reason 1) doggo and meower. reason 2) key lime pie. reason 3) crying is fun?

If you need help I can be your friend(to"i need help")

First thing my cat. Second thing my Youtube Channel. Last thing I make too much money just don't kill me.

whats you youtube channel called ill subscribe

Your Narrator or The Boys is my Youtube. First you gotta watch a video ok.

God doesn’t you to commit suicide. He wants your to live for him. Reason 1: your family , they will miss you so much, reason 2: we’re all here for you. Reason 3: because your life has meaning , and so do you.

do it for the memes

do it for the memes

How would I, I was reading you then how could I speak on the same moment, now shut up and listen! Go ahead and end your life, no one is bothered by you. Don't want to listen? Then you got the first reason. Want to obey me then as you please. Everyone of those nasty people, who give you the look; burden on mother earth. Want them happy then go right away. Last but not the least, crime rate is too slow, and if you could consider to 'help' that would be great. You know, its fun helping people.


1. no one likes you 2. you're a failure 3. noob

1. memes can be funny 2. jokes can be funny 3. puns can be funny lolLLL

bro this couldn't be more true

1. [Insert coping mechanism]2. [Insert coping mechanism]3. [Insert coping mechanism].