Alsender Miller

“Boom, quick; you have five seconds to give me three reasons to live.” “1…2…3 ……4…5…” Did you noticed you said nothing at all?

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reason 1: having a life is fun and you will have friends reason 2: if you have a life you would be happy reason 3: the only thing that will cure you of depression is love but you can't get that when you're dead be happy while you live :)


wow thats good


Well, I don't got friends. Not all people are happy with life. And half the people in this world don't get a happy ending.


1. Some of the voices dont bite 2. To kill my abuser 3. To commit fraud since i know the bank numbers for the family savings


im going to use this joke in class, wish me luck


1.) I wanna die 2.) I wanna die 3.) I wanna die


haha i didn't say anything because i don't have any reasons:)


shit. i need more than 5 seconds. um... reason 1) doggo and meower. reason 2) key lime pie. reason 3) crying is fun?


If you need help I can be your friend(to"i need help")


First thing my cat. Second thing my Youtube Channel. Last thing I make too much money just don't kill me.


whats you youtube channel called ill subscribe


Your Narrator or The Boys is my Youtube. First you gotta watch a video ok.


God doesn’t you to commit suicide. He wants your to live for him. Reason 1: your family , they will miss you so much, reason 2: we’re all here for you. Reason 3: because your life has meaning , and so do you.

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