If you had 10 chicken nuggets and Jimmy tried to steal one, what would you have?

10 chicken nuggets and a dead Jimmy.

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Maybe not dead...he would at least be twitching.

Not dead until you get that nugget wound on him

my teacher asked me, "If u had 1223 pieces of candy and you divided them between 3 people, how many pieces of candy would you have? I replied, "1223 pieces because I don't share and if they take it i would have 1223 pieces of candy and 3 dead bodies."

I'm now in the office because of that, but it was worth it....

okay boomer

no, I have a dead jimmy

im a vegetarian but it is funny

make chicken nuggets out of him

um I'd have 0 chicken nuggets because umm I would have a dead jimmy and 0 chicken nuggets because I ate them all

We have a “black” dead jimmy

if i had a brother and he stole my last piece of pizza i would still have that piece