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Why are orphans bad at poker?

They don’t know what a full house is.

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That's not funny that's just cruel

That is very funny. I would like but it would ruin 69

Riley savage u went on this website u fucking retard

I agree it is so cruel.

It’s hilarious and it shouldn’t be- this is bad....

It’s funny and it’s a joke, calm down people

I love orphan jokes ◉‿◉


I am very ashamed of all of you, you ought to know that teasing orphans WICKED! Help them they need it.

Chill out Gen z

btw I am a orphan! and raping orpans REALLY along with sisters wow!


exuse me i was an orphan and that is mean I hate you guys you are just bullys!

I am very ashamed of all of you

Gwen speak girl!!!!!!!!!

you go girl!!!!!!!

Damn thats brutal

I'm still here!

Oh and HI!

Imagine speaking up for one fucking person in the world who problobly doesnt care about the stuff on this website you fucking losers ESPECIALLY GWEN AND ALYA

What did they ever do to you? Btw losers are not real if they were and your just saying that because u are describing your self not them.



some of yall need to calm tf down there jokes XD

Yo it's ment to be cruel and this person doesn't mean it personally so just dont be mean over a joke

they know a full house bc there are other orphans

Funny stuff

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