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Two men are in a rainforest and one of them is peeing. Suddenly a snake jumps out of some bushes and bites the man’s penis. The other man says, “ Oh my God, I will go to a doctor immediately!”. He didn’t have enough time to load the man into the car so he went straight to the hospital. The man told the doctor what happened and the doctor said, “You will have to make an incision at the wound and suck the poison out. The man wen back to the other man and said, “ There is no hope, you will die.”

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sucking poison out of a wound is physically impossible.

no its not

you just need to know how to do it

you cant even suck poison out of the wound

Yes you can..

Oh my gosh! My dad was almost bitten by a giant rattle snake that he miss took for a rock when he was hiking years ago!!! WOW!

One, it actually isn't possible, you will suck out blood maybe, but the poison would spread. and 2, is that Gwen, you are everywhere around this site