There’s a plane going down over the desert with only 3 parachutes on board. There are four people onboard, the smartest man in the world, the best doctor in the world, an old priest, and a young nerd. The doctor says, “People need me for my medical skills.” grabs the first parachute pack, and jumps. The smartest man in the world says, “People need me for my intelligence.” grabs a pack, and jumps. The old priest says, “I have lived a long and happy life. You take the last chute.” The nerd says, “Don’t worry. There are enough chutes for the both of us. The smartest man in the world just grabbed my backpack.”

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It's funny because he is supposed to be smart 😂


Great job, genius! Sadly that emoji tells me you're too young to be on here.


Extemely Finny!


Smartly made the choice eh




Wat the f... is wrong with u cunts. It’s not funny it’s stupid. Do everyone a favour and stop telling jokes


^chuck ???what the f...?


Chuck is just jealous because he prolly cant even make a f...!ng 5 y/o laugh


Chuck would have grabbed the backpack


Hell yeah Chuck is a dumb ass that's why he would grab the backpack.


I agree with Chuck, this sucks ass!!! Where's the joke? It's because of you other people that there's so many shit sit-coms on TV.


Rod do you not realize that this is literally


Hey not to be rude but I think the joke is more funny when you replace the smartest man with a blonde girl, but other then that amazing joke


I'll stick a rod up your ass,rod