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There was a costume party on Halloween. Everyone was there except one guy. Many people asked his brother where he was. His reply was, “Oh, he wanted to be our dad for Halloween.”

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I'm crying XD

I dont get it

Yeah. Neither did the kids.

i don't get it at all...

I still don’t get it

I don't understand but maybe he wanted to have sex with his mom which is very out there and gross but hey it's funny


IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

it's just not funny :( sad

Either two things 1 he skinned his dad alive and ware his dad skin or he not there because their dad left them when they were younger. Now tell me who thinks its the first option

Took me a second, but I got it, his dad was always gone as a kid so he was gone and not at the party

@Nightemare I'd have to say, I was really hoping for the first option and will continue to say it is because it would be way more funnier that way.

For all you who don’t get it, his dad isn’t there like the milk thing left to get milk never came back so they never saw him again making it so he’s not there for Halloween.


If I hadn't read Dubaderbur's comment I would never have got it.

I agree with the last comment

thx for the costume idea <3

If y'all didn't get it then ur a dumb fck

Get it cus their dad left