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Tell a woman she's beautiful a hundred times and she won't believe you. Tell a woman she's fat once and she will remember it for the rest of her life because elephants never forget.

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And you're the reason anorexic girls exist.

So trueeeee

@Really? You are the reason the world is so uptight. You can't laugh at a joke. I'm pretty sure shes not the reason why girls have anorexia, I think Hollywood has a pretty has something to do with that.

that is like so true bruh


Uh oh...

dude thats rude girls are not elephants you are just immature


My mum is laughing so bad 😂😂

You are so stupid for coming a girl fat I'm trying to loose weight

girls are fat elaphants

@Jayden indeed bro

It's not nice to call someone fat. So if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all. Please be kind

Also please don't joke about death. It's not nice or funny.

Exact reason women shouldn't be on this site they get angry over almost anything other reason is it isn't possible as they are to busy washing the dishes to get on

On average,men are much fatter than women.pretty sure u r too!!

@Anonymous, fuck off you oversensitive SJW, don't like the jokes, get off the site pendejo