in Religion

Science flies you to the moon, but religion flies you into skyscrapers.

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Mother Fucker You 911 Fuck

Two little towers, tall and fat... Both hit by planes and both went splat

@Nursery Rymer my teacher got mad at me for laughing at this in the middle of a test WORTH IT!!

@stalin samewith me


Low life

in a emergency dial 911 a plane will be there shortly to assist you

Stay safe kids😂

Why do people come here, knowing they will probably get offended, get offended and curse any who are enjoying themselves. Don't be such a soft cock.

*islam not religion as whole lol

i dont get it

I laughed harder than i should've

Bro can we get this to 9/11 likes

it ain't funny, i am a muslim

If your triggered then get the fuck off of this website

from the middle east and highly radical and enthusiastic about learning how to fly.

omg people on this website istg where do the come up with these jokes LMFAO

When women get old their are like the twin towers and they go flatter then the twin tower.

Not religion, DEATH CULTS. I don't see Buddhists and Hindus flying into towers or going on mass killings.

We are going to hell for laughing 😂

whiterabbit ever heard of the Hindu-Muslim conflicts, or that time a buddhist wrote in support of Japans wars of aggression, or, y'know, how about THE CRUSADES