CEO of Racism
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Hello guys. I am the founder and CEO of racism. Ask me anything in the comments

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I invented racism because it seemed very profitable and good for society.

Omg i am working to get it back

Why is it good to behave like that?

Entity u should join Racism LLC and become a Professional Racist u will get paid to be racist full time!


I would never want to get paid to be an a**hole!

But u do that anyway might as well get paid for it omg

Lovely perv welcome to the team 😌

I dont do such a disrespectful act!

How much pay we talking?

What's the pay?

I have advertised your company, CEO of Racism. :)

Do you accept racists of all races? Being racist will get you banned on this website btw.

There literally a racist jokes category, dumbass.

Shadow, I read through your comments. I don't want to ban you but stop insulting other people.

Anybody can say that they're the admin.

I'm not insulting people, CEO of Racism was trying to be funny, so I continued the joke.

Why don't you say anything to CEO of Racism?

I was talking about other comments you made on jokes.

I told CEO of racism that racism will get him banned.

I don't want to push this any farther than it has to be, but what comments? Just give me one example.

Oh, sh*t, wrong guy.

WTF is happening here?

Comment deleted

Racism is gooddddd

Matt ik u secretly agree with me no need to say it but ik u do so dont worry u can join my team privately

And yes we ironically enough we are a semi discriminatory organization meaning we will hire any colour of racist but can say whatever we want about him

We make money off people being racist so its his profit too


Stop selling your braincells for 0 cents and start thinking!

Entity is right.