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Just found this I don’t understand it tho: Jake and shaylie are the same person read the thread

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bruhh we are not the same person

anybody with a brain knows that they are the same person

anybody who has a brain would know that he is not me

You shut the fuck up you little foid. You aren't tricking anyone. Go sit in the middle of the road and let a car run you over.


leave her alone

Yooo this anon is maxxed out.

god damn why everybody gata be bullys

And of course shaylie lol switches to her "jake" account lmfao.

i am liget not in de mood



I can clarify that they are both different people

Also note that their speech patterns are different

ZEPHYR literally supports EDP445 (Convicted pedophile content creator). Disregard everything that troglodyte says.

So what? You support your father so how we different?