What the difference with you and a Barbie there is no difference both of your face is fake

One knight a guy asked his wife were she wanted to eat she said Chinese food so he flew her to china the next night he asked her what she wanted to eat she said Indian food so he flew her to India the last night he said what do you want to eat and she said she wanted nothing so he flew her to Africa

The amount of women judging me for raping a poor lady is terrible. You weren't there. You don't know!

What do I and a brand new chandelier have in common? One of these days, we’re both are gonna be hanging from the ceiling

One day a man buys a rope to suicide, but his friend stops him. They go to a school with lots of happy kids. The guy feels better after a mag.

A depressed man buys a gun for suicide but then thinks "maybe i shouldn't be doing this" and asks a friend for help. He returns with a rope.

Why can't a a citizen in communist china especially a chinese male who is between 18 - 29 years old can not buy a box of condoms in a drug store in communist china? Because the condom would be too big for the penis of chinese men in communist china

Did you hear about the boy who got raped by a group of women in the park whilst jogging? Now there are lots of male joggers in the area.