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Like if you have balls

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Surgery 👍

Only people without balls would post this to cover up the fact they have no balls

Surgery 👎

More like “like if you have your balls in a prepubescent boy’s bum”. You sick pedo

Cringe eunuch

@Pedo Attack As cringe as that kid is it sure sounds to me like yuo are projecting sick fuck.

hahahahahaha thats funny stop arguing be nice

Yeah he's right shut up

I have to shut up no no no no you shut ok im a girl you are i think you should shut up ok

lmao balls

this guy is a fr pedo ngl

Mimi what the fuck where you even fucking saying you little fuck, who fucking asked you want your fucking opinion was, shut the fuck up

I'd like but it would ruin 69 :D

hell no i will not fucking shut up ok now im very angry about you because you dont fucking shut up piece of shit


Anonymous is a dumbass nobody listen to him he is a motherfucker ok dont listen to him

Holy shit no one cares piss off you little cocksucker

Stfu mimi and anonympous fucking keyboard wussbags

Heh balls


shut the fuck up fucking pieces of shits all of you

i have had rough days ok very rough days ok just leave me the fuck alone

ball hurt

i stole someones balls

i lick balls

I will give you a nickel to ticket my pickle! moan

Follow me if you think MIMI is a bitch.

yo mine get sucked to much they have slober

ball will rule the world


Well, I don't

4 of them

hold on i just checked there 6

doesnt mean dislike if u dont