Did you see that car crash today where the guy got the entire left side of his body cut off? He's all right now

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Don’t worry charlie

You shouldn’t worry about it

Focus on what you an change

Well then make sure you won’t need it! If you do there will be no reason for ot

Charlie from what you’ve told me if you DONT take care of yourself there’s a chance you could die if you don’t take care of yourself?

In your eyes what would caring for yourself look like?

Drinking water and stuff like that?

Jesus that’s.. all that is not very good

You need to fix that kinda stuff then

Comment deleted by â™¥ğŸŽ€ğ•„ğ•’ğ•ªğŸŽ€â™¥

You’d regret that right? It being too late?

Well then you need to do something about it. Right now. It’s def not too late

Hold on gtg do something


I love how you ignored this nd i acadently deleted it

You should get that checked out too though



its cold nd i dont wanna use my teeth like i nroammly do

Everything about this sentence makes me aneurism

Oh yeah I can def do that

I am very proud that you did it

Why is you drink mouton dew tho


U no reply ):

If you’re not eating enough then yes you need to eat stuff rich in protein and iron like meatballs

No I mean is it fried or grilled or what

I know lol you’re smart

Must have been laughing out loud emoji

Why do you have an E




I swear Charlie I don understand soemtimsz

I don’t go around talking abt how hot the girls in my school sre



All the girls are assholes at my school


would u get mad if someone hurt me?



would u get mad if someone hurt me?

If not of consent then yes


Gus do yk what me neiber did?



would u hurt sum1 if they did msthin really bad to me?


That’s kinda crazy

What even happened next?

Like didn’t you try to stop him been more

Like yell take or somethibg

And no one came to stop it??

I’m sorry Charlie but I really needed to think about that for a second

I’m really really sorry that something that bad happened to you. That guy should not have done that

What would u like me to say then Charlie. I’d really like to comfort you

I just don’t know what to say

You’re absolutely awesome

Say you got him arrested and beat him up with you powers of awesomeness

They’d amazing and aweosem


Do you wanna know how i wanna die?

You already told me .-.

Something like being choked out and sucked down at the same tims

Yea that’s what I meant dicked down

lol won a Saturday afternoon

Why paper bag I no see

If you takkle me I will do a takedown

You should be two angry short people try every PE and always fail

Jaainxnsjajs I spanganiously combust

It means I implode like the two towers in india

Blue shower curtains

But luckily I dodged that

Oxnwcoqndpjqfpjqfpqnfpancpqfnqp block

I no move because I am bro k wall

I no move because I am brick wall

And Ideaslife 275 15 gimrs

I am so sorry for the inconvenience this is a personal matter but if we have any further issues please 🙏 Thank you (I no move tho)

I budge like a lil bit

I move a lil more but I still good

I move like a step back k

I move a lil more but then..

I like push back now or something and I’m good now


Neither cuz none of us are gah



And u wanna know soemthing

Killing cows for meat is extremely inefficient they’re much better for milk

There is SO MUCH wrong with that


lol thank you 😌🙏

Why are you pissed at him

Oh ok then then you’re good


i hate my hair nd eyes now


It’s cuz I’m doing something on call

I’m sorry it’s just I’m absolutely destroying my fordnds

We were def bombed real

You’re one one my fav people too and I friend love you too 😌


but i cant talk to u cause u got late replies nd i gtg in 20 mins ):

I’m sorry and ok

Just relax ☺️

Well yea then stop talking to them

I get what u mean Charlie

But sometimes you can’t go back to whoever that is

Do u have any other contact with him?

Maybe you should try to.. move on? I mean

How do u think you can? What did u do with him that made it dofferent

And no one else does that

I think I get what you mean but you might need to try to find that in Aaden maybe

That’s pretty pessimistic

Ah ok goodnight Charlie

Sorry I won’t be able to be on Charlie

I have way too much stuff happening

Like I’m going to a Quineañera rn

Ok goodbye now Charlie

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