in Suicide

What do you call a group of Emo kids?

Suicide Squad.

What jumps and never let's go?

An Emo kid.

I bet all Emos want to be like their biggest influencers some day.


Why do Emos want to be the "Scene" these days?

The only thing I've "Scene" from them is their suicide rate climbing, it's starting to climb quicker than they did to get to the top of whatever they jumped off.

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I wonder if emo kids get jealous when their phone dies

Bro I am emo fuck u

Please stfu snowflake. I'm emo too and I don't get even the slightest bit of offended by these jokes. "A bich", I'm sure you don't even know half of the true emo music. My chemical romance? AFI? Fallout boy? Yeah get the fuck out of here wanna be emo 12 year old.

@racist goku, and here we have a lowlife piece of shit who's only purpose is to spam slurs to make other people feel bad and indulge in impertinent and insolent acts as a way to feel good about themself.

This joke is fucking hilarious

this made me wanna jump off a bridge, guess i'm living up to my friend groups name <3 :) bu bye asshat! <3!!!!

never gonna see me at a family function ever again


lmao im scemo and dying from this shit yall gotta calm down also @Anonymous we gotta jam together sometime, u listen to MCR & Falling In Reverse? (not all 12yrolds are fake emotions, im 12 :])