What’s a orphans favourite food

:not home food

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Well 1. not funny. 2. Home is a place not a food.


You’re right Gwen, he should have said home grown food not home food. That was a very stupid mistake of him and he needs to be shamed. Because he thinks some things are funny but doesn’t have the energy to spell things right most likely because he has depression because the rates in america have increased greatly. Correct me if I’m wrong. And personally as someone with depression I find dark jokes funny because it’s not as stupid as a fart joke. But please continue with your “preaching.”

I’m not hating I just don’t personally agree with you.

Its okay not to agree. But no need to say they are wrong because its bias. Anytime you need some “facts” broke down to opinions I’m here just shoot me a mention. I’m on here everyday.


Well the whole joke is gotdamn bitched up shit!

Shut the fuck up or leave it’s called dark humor

freshfry, that sentence makes no sense, it sounds like you just learned cursing existed. Then decided to fill in every word with one. I agree with f me if you want its called dark humor

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