This one is for Gwen, I'm sorry people are so mean to you. All the big cats gathered for a game of poker. Why did the tiger lose? Because one of his opponents kept on lion. Another had a puma-nent poker face. But the real problem was the cheetah.

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Also watersharky I'm just taking a little break no worries. I just gotten back just for jokes. Take care. Not gon for ever tho.

What??? How do you know she's not?

I'm just on a break that was or could have been won of those fakers/haters. there is a lot of them. I 'm going on summer break that is all.

Btw funny joke

Yeah I gotcha. Thanks!

Super funny omg gwen is not leaving YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need good people like Gwen. She not just for kindness she is for love and fairness. We need people with kind hearts and good souls. No matter what. She keeps her words to her self instead of bringing them on everyone else.

YES, Alya!!!!!

Thanks Alya, but I don't mean to be rude but sometimes I wish people stop gushing over how nice I am, you are all nice. I'm just a good sole like everyone else. (Will not everyone but some people in this world have a good hearts). Edit. (Most people have good kind hearts. Not just me)