in Jesus

One day, a priest is walking down the street and sees a little girl with a box. "What's in the box?", the priest asks. "Christian kittens", the little girl answers. Pleased, the priest smiles and continues on his way. A week later, the same priest is walking down the street with a nun when he sees the little girl and the box again. "Ask her what she has in the box", he says, "It's the cutest thing!" The nun walks up and asks the girl what she has in the box. "Atheist kittens", she says. The priest rushes forward and says "ATHEIST KITTENS!!! Last week you said they were "Christian kittens!!!" "They were", she says. "Now their eyes are open".

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Shouldn’t it be backwards? Atheist are the ones whose eyes are closed am I wrong? Lol anyone naive enough to believe in evolution is and the Big Bang has got to be either blind or lost

No it's correct . Xtians are the ones blinded.

Accurate haha

Christian sheep

this reply chain has made my faith in humanity go to the center of the sun