Anyone else on here looking at depressing jokes to make themselves feel better? Not that it’s working, but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone. Well, enough with the sob story, I gotta go get my razors. See ya in the long run.

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Cheer up man!

Yea cheer up! It'll get better!

When you suffer from multiple mental illnesses and someone tells you to cheer up: *my goodness why didn't I think of that???*




Are you the guy from the instagran post


Uhhh no, and I'm not a guy so that makes it definite.

Oh becoz theres a post that shows a guy in this website say "Dont say this to deprest people" and somebody commens "So what do we say" and the N word in it

yeah no thats not me lol

Telling a depressed person don't worry it'll get better and stuff like that is like when someone needs help with something and they ask for help and you just say "oh don't worry about it you'll figure it out, you got this it'll get better" it doesn't help ask if they need to talk let them know you're there for them not just saying "oh it'll be fine you'll get through it" it doesn't help

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