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Why are gay people bad at hide and seek?

Because they’re always coming out of the closet

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Pretty bad joke ngl

Toxicity you have no humor


Not really!

If you don't like that joke you are not American.

or english

Except for that one gay who I locked in the closet. Oh shit that was 15 years ago I better go check on him.

He’s not there all I see is a skeleton

Yeah, I don't think anyone wants ur Homophobia here babe, bye cunt, ur mum fucking queefed last night and at her funeral

Wow Elsa, just another page to hate on people for you because you just learned “no no” words. My god, once again. Its humor. You literally are the epitome of a person that sits on the internet and shit talks other people because you hate yourself. My god, such a snowflake.

@:0 bruh chill, you don't know what they're dealing with. For all you know they just got disowned by their entire fucking family.

Or her vibrator ran away.

Good joke. If you are gay go cry