I just wanted to say… These disabled jokes are quite offensive. I’m not disabled in any way, but people reading might be affected in many ways. Yes, some of them are amusing, but there’s a difference between having a joke and being plain rude. Please take my feedback into account. Thanks!

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The website is called worst jokes ever for a reason bruther Also this joke isn't funny :(


Its not our fault that your is sensitive, these are called the worst jokes. If you are offended by them then it is your own fault for clicking on the link.


why r u on this site then??


I'm d....... this shit funny


Your point? Being offended doesn't actually mean anything. Its nothing more than a moan or whinge.


People you like you are why the d....... won't stand up for themselves or wait is that because of the chair


I am blind in one eye from birth and I am not offended by these jokes. Why are you here in the first place? Can't take a joke? hahahahahaha