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We wrote letters to a kid with cancer. My letter read "its a bumpy road but soon u will have a straight path." People didnt realize it was meant for his heart monitor.

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I died laughing lol

Fuck you bruv Cancer ain’t no joke

then why are u here Nigward if u cant handle dark humor?

hella funny

Shutup esteban! Cancer ain't no joke!

Bro it’s a dark joke website website if you don’t like the jokes than leave

Why are you on the site if you don't like dark jokes?? Damn 2019 snowflakes

it is a joke.its not real.GOD DAM SNOWFLAKES,GET OFF THIS WEBSITE!!!!!! still really funny.

Cancer , .... IS NOT A JOKE.

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What is funnier than a cancer patient? A cancer patient that is also a child that is paraplegic, blind and quad amputee trying to get out of mud.


To the ones complaining that cancer is not a joke: Cancer may not be a joke, but the words above are. Stop being pussies and suck it up, it's a dark joke website.

Nigeard you are the one wanting to read dark jokes why are you made that it's a dark joke

that's the worst ''joke'' I have ever heard!!!

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no im not going this is not a joke my mom has cancer.

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so let me get this straight... you’re mom had cancer, and you find none of this funny, yet you refuse to leave the website?

Why are you making jokes about cancer? It's super viewer ... I don't understand why people find crushel jokes funny.

its called a joke for a reason

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For you people that are offended.... look at it in logical terms. You came to this website FULLY AWARE of what the content would be, so you cannot claim that you didn't know. That would be like consciously turning the tv station to ESPN and then complaining when you saw that it showed sports content. In essence, here, the concept is the same. You don't like dark humor? Fine. But, refrain from.visiting such sites if you know it's going to be there

I am dead

Yall are right, this is not a joke. He really did write that letter referring to his heart monitor.

It took me along time befor I got it but that was good

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