Destiny Hope

in Fat

Fatty and skinny were in a bed. Fatty rolled over and skinny was dead.

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Don't worry she'll be in heaven...Wait, sorry pressed the wrong comment. Oops!


Thats just rude...

And the there were cinnabon

Ment then

"Ur mom gay 6 months ago That's just rude" ur name is rude that's disrespectful to LGBTQ

I am so sorry skinny hope u can forgive me

this is stupid you guys are just rude you big fat LOSERS you just do this to make you life better

Rash, Rude, and all thee above

JERKS you instantly a hypocrite for getting mad at the rudeness of making fun of and pointing out weight but then call people fat yourself,also,if you do not like these jokes,get off the website,that simple.

This shit was bad it’s doesn’t even make sense

Could be better but I mean-

Amen breh it's a funny joke it could be rude but lighten up people it's only a joke. I myself am fat and I think it's funny

Great joke dude keep up the good work

i forgive you my love!<3

Go get life you fucking bitch

Worst way people died haha having sex


as an obsese person i can confirm this is true