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When Jim was playing on his phone, my grandfather told him, “You use way too much technology!”. Jim then said, “No, YOU use too much technology!” and then Jim disconnected his grandfather’s life support.

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That is soooo me..... lol XD

Oof this is hilarious


Dats Hella Tuff


thats sad. I'm sad. im dead. why. we had a beautiful child together. remember the stuffing we used to make together, and that one christmas that uncle joe spilled it all over my flannel. that was the best day of my life. sometimes i look back at it in heaven and think, wow, my life was once great, but now im stuck in this dimension filled with sadness and hopelessness wondering if my life actually counted. or if my life was just some shit joke on bad website.

Im sorry grand dad

I have nothing to do other than google sad stories and this is the top one so far.Now Grandma have butt to beat hopefully she doesn't break anything trying to swing that belt.

The future is now old man!

funny as hell lol

That's actually funny



Well he's dead

The Ending is "look at all the tech you use, you Hypocrite." Then pulls the plug.

oh the irony-

You sure that's not Jim Moriarty?

Based Jim

You don't talk while on life support, retard.