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Little Natalie was playing with matches. Her mother caught her, took them, whupped her and told her never to play with matches again. A few minutes later, Little Natalie was playing with matches again. The curtains caught fire and the house burned down. Another few minutes later, when she and her mother were sitting at their neighbors, her mother told her: If you think I gave you a whupping, wait till your father gets home! Little Natalie just cackled with delight, because she knew her father had gotten home earlier and gone upstairs to take a nap.

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The Special Wrote this


welp we know which parent she hated more

why did you do this to me Natalie???(bitch)

Dammit Natalie that is the 3rd one this month

same dou Natalie

where did you here that one?

When the mother never sees the father again shes gonna think that he left her for someone else.

oh little natalie

rip dad

That was dark

Wth have you been doing to your child, (Insert parent nane here)?!

Natalie why u do dis

well it seems tht shes a survived rape victim b/c her dads genes are inside her

thats when you start running from her

this is me as a child

Cunteating dickless spineless gutless FUCKBAG :D

damn, lmao that's crazy... had me speechless for like 4 minutes

Burn in hell bitch...

I wish I was Natalie and my ex was the dad...

Thank you, my dear sister, Fuyumi.

*nods* *click* noice👌

pshycopath natalie