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Anyone know where Flamewarbot went? I was supposed to do a session with him a loooooonnnnngggg time ago and he never came back :<

More random questions to clear up your boredom - What is that most racist thing you have said?

Funny how low WJE got on the google search page. If I don’t include “.com” it isn’t until like page 6. Used to be like 3 recommended.

WJE Community -

Seeing as the vast majority of users here use school-provided devices to access the site, it makes sense that most of you will thus be leaving the site soon, at least for the summer. Many of you probably have separate devices, but like me you simply wish to take a break from the site. With this in mind, I urge you all to enjoy these next couple months on WJE, make good connections and enjoy the community to its fullest extent. Let’s not have half the site leave on a bad note, instead let’s work to make this a fun place to enjoy in our free time while we finish out the school year!

I wanna dieeee. I'm in altos now for choir and I can't sing low notes at all. Being a soprano was so much easier.

guys i have to only be on at school, and because it's the end of the year i might just not be on at all by the end and im so sorry for hurting you guys so i have messages for everyone i remember :DDDDD jake, thank you so much for being an amazing moderator and helping me out whenever i needed it sah, thank you for being an amazing listener and just an amazing and extremely kind person ethan IWS, thank you so much … Read more