Who thinks I am not a retard?

By the way I honestly just want to know so pick truthfully.

You are a retard
56 %
You are not a retard
17 %
I don't know you enough to say
28 %
18 votes · Final results

Comments (51)

How? Do I even want to know?

my sleep paralysis are coming back

oh shit, sleep paralysis hits hard, i thinl i had it just a few times, but it wasnt that funny

but i always wake up at exactly 2:00 am every night and just see it staring at me

every night last night i had a fucking break down

Like he dosent even have eyes but eye sockets but I know he's staring at me

when i move his head moves with me

Sorry gtg mabye later

mia its why i was upset today if you noticed

Bro i suck at emotions i just thought you were tired

Nah nymphology was way way way better Delilah

less go to where we where b4

Comment deleted by Alora💕
Comment deleted by Kingsley

Yo King those fucking pictures are weird very useful thi thanks

whys noone doing anything?

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