Buster Jokes

when some one got the ghost in them. sound in the priest busters. when something strange and it ain't no who you ganna call priest busters.

A man with 20 dolars walked into Dave & Busters. He went to the bathrom to wash his hands. He walked out without any clothes but still has his money.

A fact! I think I'm officially a poo-buster as the plunger does look like the weapon in 'Ghostbuster'!


Outdoor Entertaining by Patty O.

Over the Mountaintop by Hugo First

Plumbing for Idiots by Duane Pipes

Music Theory by Amanda Lynn Player

Meterology 101 By Wendy Reign and Sonny Daze

Oh God By Dixie Rect

Please Dont Stop By Craven Moorehead

Life And Times Of A Porn Star By Dixie Normous

Right Stuff By Dang Lin-Wang

How To Take Care of Your Cat By Connie Lingus

Right Way 2 Orgasm By Buster Cherry

The Unwanted Child By Brooke N Rubbers