Bolivia Jokes

Its about bottling Its about crying I stay finished I fake retire Put in the diving Put in the ghosting And take my fake trophies Eibar and Bolivia in my veins My barcelona banged by Bayern I bottle the game so whats my farmers name (Pessi)


Pionnel Pessi's tracklist leaked !!!

1. Neymar gave me a career 2. Lewandowski finished me 3. 8-2 4. I own Elche 5. I am a fraud (ft Pyllian Mpappe) 6.10m 7.I fled La Liga 8. Want to be Ronaldo 9. Long live Bolivia 10. Wind man

EXPERIMENT SUCCESSFUL 😱😱 Scientists have created an element named Pessomium 😳😳 Characteristics: -Highly reactive only in Bolivia and Panama 😑🀬 -Turns invisible when in Brazil or Uruguay πŸ₯΅πŸ€§ -Finished πŸ˜ΉπŸ€• -0 protons 0 electrons 0 goals 0 assists 7 debuts πŸ₯Ά