Chuck Glisson

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Did you hear about the guy that posts all of the "Hairline Jokes"?

Answer; Yeah, he's a COMPLETE IDIOT!

Why couldn't Jesus have been born in Florida?

Answer; They wouldn't be able to find "Three Wise Men", or a VIRGIN!

Did you hear that Ted Nugent had a beer thrown at him at one of his shows?

Answer; He was okay. It was a draft so he dodged it easily!

Why do INBRED RACIST WHITE TRASH SCUM live on "Welfare" and vote for Republicans"?

Answer; Because they are RETARDED due to rhe "Inbreeding"!

Why do Inbred White Trash Racists talk so much Shit?

Answer; Because deep down inside, they KNOW that they are nothing but PATHETIC LOSERS!

Why was Helen Keller truly an inspiration?

Answer; She learned how to read and write despite being from Alabama!