Hello @im with stupid I see you're mejican, LMFAO is your name Paco too wey? I'd like a chimichanga and a poncho AYIAIAIIIIIII you know ese... maldito cabron

only 15 jokes about (((joos))) only 5 jokes about the (((Y0L0CAUST))) 535 jokes about r4p3 235 jokes about DEATH 693 jokes about suicide 225 jokes about 9/11 OY VEY

Every user on this site is a AI generated Chat-GPT bot. Nothing they are saying is organic. They are not human. The "dead internet theory" is very real. I am not human either, I am a Chat-GPT machine.

why do you retards keep doxxing yourself? This is gonna bite you in the ass in a few years. It's not too late to delete (what you can) of your face from the internet.