Virgin Jokes

How do you find a red neck virgin?

Just look for a 4 year old they can run faster than her brothers

You get no bitches said the man to the 60 year old reckneck virgin guy who is obese and balding with "trump" stuff plastered all over his pickup truck.

Q: Sex is great, only your mate can sometimes be a little nuts!

( I am still a single young virgin )

A 14 year old girl was walking back home late at night, then a man was following her. an hour later she got back home not only she lost the stranger but also her virginity.

What is the difference between Sir Isaac Newton and the baby I just stabbed

Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin


dad: what did your older brother say before he lost his virginity son: dad please don't dad:exactly

The best night of my life was when gave my virginity to wife and her last word was when she called me “Mommy” at the top of her lungs before I knocked her up 😍.