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Of course Dagger the Chad has an 8 inch

What. The. Fuck.

All I have learnt since I left for camp is that boys need some serious help. I always knew they were idiots but damn, never knew they were this stupid and DISGUSTING.

As my 7th grade history teacher once said, “all boys are complete idiots until the reach the age of 26.” Take it from someone who’s seen it happen before, what you saw at camp is only temporary. Yeah, for a couple years or so, the boys will be…well, they’re in a phase of discovery. But as time goes on, they’ll become more and more mature, realizing that they are getting older and therefore need to act more adult-y. By, say, 8th or 9th grade (idk what that is for you), you will start to see massive changes in their behavior. Yeah, they’re still rowdy boys at heart, but they probably won’t try to summon spaghetti demons or whatever anymore!

I don't think I'll ever mentally recover from the spaghetti demon incident ever again 🤣

Yeah that sounds wild even compared to what I’ve seen

Wait hailey, are you seriously telling us your at camp, but still on here?

No, she just got back.

Hailey, guys are different. Don't judge us. This is all fun and games, not disgusting.

You're a girl, so you don't understand us. Pus, this was a joke meant for guys. Only we get it.