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I asked an emo girl if she gets jealous when her phone dies☠️

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What the fuck is wrong with you?! You are such a fucking cunt for making fun of people with depression. You dont know what the fuck she may have been going through!!!!! This site is also super inappropriate and 4 year olds like you should NEVER be on a site like this!!! I would like to inform your mother you little sluts. I hope you fucking penetrate yourself with a plunger. You fucking bitch brats. I hope your dad never comes back. Never make fun of people you little shits. it wasnt even a good joke

Bruh, true though. And probably make sure you can handle the negativity on this website before you start using it.

Lolll nice one dont listen to feminist retard

Fuck you, feminist. Burn in hell with all the retarded emo girls in this god forsaken world. This website is made for jokes like these. If you can't handle them, go fuck yourself, motherfucker!