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(found on web) There was an American wrestler from Texas named John, who throughout his high school career had never lost a match. As he went on into college he continued undefeated. He became a national icon and symbol of American strength.

News began to circulate of a Russian wrestler who was fierce and unstoppable. As each wrestlers legends grew, a match was set up between the two, America versus Russia. The match would be held in Texas.

John began training immediately. Every day his coach would tell him, “This Russian has a move called the Mongolian Death Grip. No one has ever escaped the Mongolian Death Grip. DO NOT let him get you in the Mongolian Death Grip”

The day of the match finally came. Just before each wrestler stepped onto the mat in front of the capacity crowd, the coach once again said, “Whatever you do, do not let him get you in the Mongolian death grip. No one has ever escaped the Mongolian death grip”.

Four seconds into the match, the Russian had the American in the Mongolian death grip. The coach buried his face into his hands and cursed John for not listening to his advice. All of the sudden he heard the crowd irrupt in a chant of USA USA USA. He looked up and saw the Russian pinned by John. The coach ran out to meet John and embarrassingly told him, “I didn’t see... Once he had you in the Mongolian Death Grip I looked away. How in the world did you get out of the Mongolian death grip?”

With heavy breath, John told him “Well coach, that Russian grabbed me and twisted my body in ways I never imagined possible. I was wincing in pain when I open my eyes and right in front of me were two testicles. So I bit them.”

“What???” Said the coach... “John I don’t think that is legal. You could be disqualified”

“I don’t know about that coach. But I can tell you one thing. You ain’t got no idea how strong you are until you bite your own balls”

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This joke is too long, which could definitely offend people with learning disabilities. This is actually so offensive thst its made me want to commit suicide. I hope that you actually think before you put such discriminatory content up on the internet. You've probably made millions of learning disabled people around the world have a bath with their toasters or hang themselves from a tree. This is an incredibly offensive joke and you should be charged with murder of all of the retarded people that have commited suicide. I can't believe how you just laugh and have jokes when they are putting so many people down. I hope that you feel sorry for yourself and i hope you get arrested and get the death penalty. You should be ashamed. This joke is also incredibly offensive to people that don't have balls as well because your saying that people aren't strong unless they bite their balls so your making all women and ball-less men feel weak and incaapable. I hope you fucking die🌷

Gay flower's commentary even funnier than the joke... Man what a Critique... Hats off