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Mother: Who do you like more, me or your dad. Liam: I like you both. Mother: Ok, if I go to america and your dad goes to paris, where will you go Liam: I will go to paris. Mother: That’s means you like dad more Liam: No, its because i like paris Mother: Ok, fine, if I go to paris and your dad goes to america, where will you go. Liam: I will go to America. Mother: Why Liam: Because I have already gone to paris.

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i died laughing

cringe joke ever


I don't know how to make it to the point where I can get a job and we don't have a relationship with you anymore. The most important thing is to be with me anymore or SHOOT her in the face.

Smat choild

i hate it

omg that kid is so smart

Yeah really smart

it's so funny