in Depression

Friend #1: “Yo guys, what’s the most unfair game you’ve ever played? For me it’s Fortnite.”

Friend #2: “I’d have to say Monopoly.”

Me: “The most unfair game you say? Life, definitely. Like, no one wins, it’s a one-way game.”

Friend #2: “Uhh…that’s not exactly what he meant…”

Friend #1: calls the suicide hotline

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that could litterally happen like that

Life is actually a real board game and it does play out that way some time..bad joke

Dammmmmmmmnnnnn you right you right

Where’s the humor?

bro i been therwe and done that hared to for get the reson why i tryed to end it all

life IS an unfair game. you never know if tour gonna lose and die.

*me after seeing friend call the hotline*: I'm fine, totally... I meant the actual game.... heh heh...

lol this is SO relatable

Life is a game, its called the game of life, but yes it is relatable

How many of you actually relate