There was a woman named sally. She loved to have sex with other people. One time, she had sex with me. I noticed she her bra size was 69 (+69). That is fucking big! Ok, then when her partner was pissing, he told her she should call the doctor. So she dialed 2063512000 (+2000) and called the doctor. The office was on 51st street ave NE (+51). Holy shit, the doctor said! The boots were so big that she had to take 8 pills (x 8). The next morning, she was ________.

69 + 51 + 2000 x 8 = 55378008 (flip calculator)


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F... Holy shit


I love having sex


Too mamy parts of this joke is missing for the punshline to make sense. Better set-up wpuld make this funny.


Pamela Anderson's boobs weigh 69 lbs that's 222 much she goes down 51st street to see doctor x after only 8 treatments she's Boobless 6922251x8=boobless


seems very long. you wont remember the tel number..... I remember it lile this from school days in Ireland. Dolly Patron is shopping for new bra , lady says your size (69) , Dolly says no way that too too too (222) big, so she goes to doctor , Doc I need someone to make my boobs smaller , here take (51) pills for 6 days ( x6) and soo she did . days later she ran back to doc, jesus Christ doctor look what happened Im BOOBLESS. 55378008 upside down.