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Girls are like rocks, the flat ones get skipped

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Im flat and dis comedy 🤣

this my joke!

But dude that is not good

What does that mean

it is true tho

Ummm someone said that to me in class it is NOT TRUE and plus I’m to young to get them any way so he just being a but



bobo mo mag joke boi

hahahaha well pleyd bro

shouldn't be a joke tho lmao

its true tbh

thats what im saying

Bitcty joke

If all you care about is how curvy a woman is than that's pretty sad

A guy said that too me in class and I thought it was funny but offensive

When I go to bathroom with my mobile Mother: Son, what are you doing? Me : Nothing, why ? Mother : Where this clapping sound come from Me : Realize that my earphone is not connected property. My excuse : I am watching "Johnny" rhyme. Mother : 😶

Do you have another similar one because the jokes funny and would be great if used against the girls that annoy me but there's a girl I like and she's flatter then my phone screen 🤣

flat ones get skipped, fat ones sink

What does ur mean I don’t get it!

What does ur mean I don’t get it!


Pls tell me I need to know NOW?

Does anyone wanna have sex with me?

Someone in class told me that

jesus the retardation in this comment section. these people are like actually 5 what the fuck

Hahahahahah wtf