A guy is due to meet his friends for drink at a bar but arrives late. When he does eventually turn up his friends ask why he is late.

The guy says, “Well, you won’t believe what just happened. I was walking my usual route via the rail tracks when suddenly I saw a young, naked woman tied up next to the tracks. Of course I untied her and we had sex because I freed her.”

The friends are cheering and one friend asks, “So… did you get any head?”

The guy replies, “No, I couldn’t find it.”

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wtf lmao




That's completely terrible, this should not be approved for this site! *evil side takes the mic* WHOOOOO!!!!! THAT WAS SO KEWL!!!!!


I don't get it.


I dont get it either


it means the woman was decaptated and he couldnt find the head to get blow job