Funny man

Q: How do you know when an Asian broke into your house?

A: Your math homework is done, your computer is upgraded, and 2 hours later he’s still trying to back out of the driveway.

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you are so right i just saw it there and said shit i haft to do that

Dude ik some Asians that can back out of driveways better than anyone else but ya funny

And your dog is gone.

And you've caught corona

that's mean

Instructions unclear. Robbed someone's house, upgraded their computer (it looked like ass), the guy already done his math homework so I marked it and he got an A+ for ass whuping times two, fixed their phone, ate their rice supply, and failed at getting the Tesla out the first four times then decided to ram the gate and I got away scot free.

Wait your the person that took my fridge apart to put weird things on my computer and phone. And now the teacher thinks I cheated math because it was already marked. Oh and the Tesla was my uncle's.

As an asian, I take no offense and had a good laugh lmfao

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